2 x Carbon Water Filter Cartridges fits all 10" Housings for RO Reverse Osmosis

Product Description
Suitability 1) Suitable for all 10" Housings for removal of heavy metals and organic contaminants. Can be used for filtering drinking water by insertion into any standard universal 10" filter housing. 2) Used as a prefilter in stage 2 of all Reverse Osmosis System using 10" prefilters in 10" Housings (used in middle housing as perfect protection for the reverse osmosis membrane). All reverse osmosis systems rely on this carbon block filter for prefiltering before the membrane stage. 3) All other water systems were either filtering of heavy metals and organic contaminants or as a prefilter for filtering/reduction of discoloured water. 4) Used as a prefilter in domestic reverse osmosis systems aquarium / pond koi water treatment systems water fed pole and many other uses in 10" housings for treatment of well water or lake water (almost always preceded by a sediment stage for well and lake water filtering)
$40.00 USD